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Looking For Art in All the Right Places…
Public Sculpture in Los Altos

Olympic WannabesSince 1987, sculpture has been displayed on public land throughout the City of Los Altos. Pieces are chosen for visual appeal, artistic skill, and compatibility with the environment and safety standards.  Artists benefit from enhanced recognition, media coverage, and the potential to sell their work to local art lovers. The variety of work has stimulated comment and added a new cultural
dimension and richness to our public spaces.

The City currently owns eighteen permanent sculptures and also showcases approximately ten sculptures as part of a rotating program under which the sculptures are on loan from the artist for two years.  The Public Arts Commission advises the City Council on the selection and placement of all public sculptures.   The Commission takes an active role to enhance the visual aesthetics of the City, engage the community as participants, and promote and support the visual arts.

For more information on how to serve on the Commission or regarding the program or sculptures, including their purchase at the end of the loan period,
Please contact the City Manager’s office at 947-2740 or email to .

1. Imagine That
by Tony Williams
Lincoln Park, Foothill Expressway

Dancing Heron by Pat Payne
Dancing Heron

2. Bird
by Riis Burwell
Lincoln Park

3. Space Dance for Peace
by Mircea Paul Goreniuc
Lincoln Park, Foothill Expressway

4. To Talk About The Idea Of Different Possibilities You May Have To Process In Your Life
by Chris Johanson
Lincoln Park

5. Musical Gambol
by Robert Clements
Lincoln Park, Foothill Expressway

6. Veteran's Memorial Cradle of Liberty
by R. J. Truman
Shoup Park, University Avenue

7. Egrets
by Zygmund Sazezich
Shoup Park, University Avenue

8. By the Sea, By the Sea 2 and Red Lizard Rock
by Jane Reyes
Marymeade Park

9. Arches
by Jeff Owen
State and Second Street

10. Jasper Priestess
by Damien Jones
Main and Second Street

11. Will You Dance with Me
by Ed Hart
State and Second Street

12. Parralax
by Rick Waltonsmith
Main and Third Street

13. Dancing Moon Rollers
by Reven Marie Swanson
Edith and Los Altos Avenue

14. Redwood Prayer
by Rick Waltonsmith
Main and Third Street

15. Guardian
by Karen Cauvin Eustis
State and Third Streets


16. Midnight Stomp Series
by Pokey Park
First Street

17. Olympic Wannabes
by Glenna Goodacre
Village Park, Edith & San Antonio Rd.

18. Smoke
by Steve Bartlett
Sequoia Fire Station,
San Antonio Road and Almond Avenue

19. Diamond Jubilee
by Taro Seesurat
City Hall, San Antonio Road

20. Zooscape Animals
by Maggie Kornman
Main Library, San Antonio Road

21. Magic Fish
by Hardy Jones
Main Library Fountain,
San Antonio Road

22. Seal Head
by Anne Wienholt
Main Library, San Antonio Road

23. Australian Cattle Dog
by Anne Wienholt
Los Altos Youth Center near City Hall, San Antonio Road

24. Dancing Man
by James Moore
Hillview Community Center, Hillview Ave.

25. Dragonfly
by Tammy Bickel
Rosita Park

26. Pax Nova
by William Iaculla
McKenzie Park
on Fremont Avenue

27. CT-27
by Richard Starks
Heritage Oaks Park

28. Convolute of the Square
by Taro Seesurat
Fremont and Grant Road

29. Dancers
by Michele Alcantara
St. Joseph’s Ave.
At Montclaire School

30. Replica of The Thinker
by Auguste Rodin
Woodland Library


Map of Public Art - Los Altos

updated  11.15.2016

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