Are Unified Communications Right for Your Business?

Unified communications (UC) solutions refer to a combination of voice, data and business applications that enable employees to access and utilize communications without regard to location or type of device. The biggest benefit for small- to medium-size companies is the cost savings that comes from consolidating equipment and services and centralizing network management for data, video and voice.  In this way, you can integrate real-time communication services with non-real time communication services.

In addition to cost savings, UC solutions increase employee productivity in several ways. For instance, employees with smart phones, as well as those working at remote, distributed locations, are able to access complete business telephony capabilities using a common interface regardless of the device they use. Making mobile devices extensions of the enterprise network helps enhance employee responsiveness to customers. Also, higher quality voice, video, and web conferencing enhances the overall conferencing experience for employees as well as customers. The wide range of products available in the network communications space provides a unified user interface and user experience across multiple devices and media types.

UC solutions can also help your company increase innovation across the enterprise by integrating collaboration into applications and business processes. This can lead to shorter sales and customer service cycles, reduced time-to-market and the ability to adapt more quickly to market changes.  Integrated communication methods help to accelerate business processes and help your business more efficient, with faster time to revenue.

According to technology research company, Gartner, most enterprises take a longer-term approach to UC. They start by defining strategy and direction, then determine the most effective way to deliver this while controlling costs and leveraging existing investments. In the coming year there will be much progress on what business processes are being communications-enabled and where the potential remains untapped.   It is truly an exciting and up-and-coming space to investigate for  your business.

Adrianne Wong, Owner TeamLogic IT

Adrienne Wong

Adrienne is co-owner of TeamLogic IT in Mountain View. She can be reached at (650) 204-3153 or by email at

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