Building Trust with a House Cleaning Service

When people think about working with a house cleaning service, one crucial factor is trust.  People are bringing a professional team into their homes.  They want to work with a service they know and trust.

What are some of the ways that you can develop that kind of trust in a house cleaning service?  One thing to look for is a house cleaning service that is “bonded.”  ”Bonded” services are those that have what is in essence insurance to pay for claims in the event something goes wrong.  For example, it offers protection against accidental property damage or dishonesty.  Bonding shows that the service has backing and it provides assurances that the service will stand behind its cleaning professionals.  Bonding is something you can ask about when you first meet a cleaning service representative.

Another factor to keep in mind is the house cleaning service taking on the responsibility of acting as the employer of the cleaning professionals.  If you hire someone directly as a maid, you would have all the responsibilities of an employer.  A house cleaning service can take on that responsibility for you and pay the withholdings of the cleaning professionals to the government. Withholdings and taxes are another topic you can ask about when considering a service.

Reliability is another key.  You want a service that will provide cleaning professionals on the dates you set, and the professionals should show up on time.  You want a service that can deliver timely and regular service over time.  Checking references can give you some idea of whether or not a service is reliable.

Building trust also draws on your impressions on meeting with a representative of the service.  Do you feel comfortable working with the representative?  Do you think you can have a productive working relationship?  Do you think you can work out details and issues as the work is done?  These are questions you can answer by meeting and getting to know the representative.

In the end, trust is something you build with a house cleaning service over time.  Bonding, having the service take on the employer role, and checking references help build initial trust.  But over time, as a service provides regular, professional, and on-time cleaning, it will create a track record of services delivery that will build a foundation of lasting trust.

Ann Sullivan is president of Dial-A-Maid service.  She can be reached at (408) 737-1741 or e-mail her at   The website is You can see what Dial-A-Maid offers and the different prices depending how much time is needed in the home.

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